Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're back!

Well, it's been a rough couple of months. I've been doing fine, but poor Sally has been very, very ill. She would just lay around, not even play at all. And then she wouldn't use the litter box. I was appalled, but she wouldn't talk to me. And then she got some huge open sores on her back legs. The Lesser Species took her to the Pokey place, and she came back and they forced little white circles down her throat! At first she was so sick, she didn't even fight them!

Just the past couple of days, she's actually come out and sat on the Lesser Species' laps, and even has accepted some skritches. And I'm not totally sure, but I think she might even be using the box again! And when the Slobbery Hound Things get around her now, she actually has the energy to growl and tell them off.

Hopefully, she'll feel well enough to blog in the next day or two!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stupid Lesser Female

She says she goes away everyday so that we can eat - what's up with that? And then she explains that she works for some See Pee A - and she says it's "Tax Time" and she's so busy that she can't set us up to post on our very own blog - that when she's home, she has to have the laptop to herself. What a selfish creature.
She is now waiting for the Slobbery Hound Creatures to come in from outside (what the heck? why do they want to go outside? it's freaking cold out there), so she said I could have the laptop for a minute or two.
I have some bad news. I think Sally isn't feeling well. She refuses to play, doesn't groom herself at all, is losing hair, does circles around the 2 seated comfy seating thing, and has also - {gulp} stopped using the litter box. I hear the Lesser Female Species talk about trying to get her to the Pokey Place, and I wonder what's going to happen next. It has even been mentioned that she might not come home.
Then who am I going to complain to?
I need to go throw up somewhere...

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wow, it's been great around here! The Male Lesser Species took the Slobbery Hound Things in the Rolling Box Thingy and came back WITHOUT THEM!!!! Could this be our Catmas Present? Did Santa Paws convince the Lesser Species that we didn't need Slobbery Hound Things here?
But, then, the Lesser Species got out some big bags and put their Fur Replacement items in them, and then went out the door and they haven't come back. I heard them say something about going to see the Female Lesser Species' parents, someplace called AreKansas - the Male Lesser Species seems to not like AreKansas, but he'll go when the Female Lesser Species tells him there's no choice!
So, here we are, Dizzy and I, all alone with no Slobbery Hound Things!!! But, we also don't have the Lesser Species to give us skritches. Good and bad together. Dizzy is still crying all the time. Here it is, Catmas, and no message from The Boy. Nothing. She is inconsolable. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed. She has a warm, comfy place with food, and the Lesser Species will pet her if she asks. What more can she ask for. Geesh.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Problems, problems, problems

Well, first of all, the Female Lesser Species came down with some bug called Flu. So, her laptop wasn't opened for a long time.
And then, well, Dizzy asked me to tell you out there in the Cat Realm... she's been too depressed to lift her tail. She cries constantly (and it's driving me crazy, but as her sister, I put up with it - some). She runs into the Lesser Species sleeping room and hides under the big comfy sleeping mat, and won't come out for nothing. Not even a cat treat. The Lesser Species have even tried the Fun Weed with her - it doesn't work.
You see, about a month ago, The Boy and the Lesser Species got into a pretty big yelling match. And then The Boy left. Gone. Not even a goodbye to poor Dizzy (or his mother). He left and moved to some place they call Canada.
Dizzy had been beside herself. She has lost weight, can't sleep, won't play. It's pitiful. And I'm actually feeling her pain too - I can't even get myself groomed correctly.
Please send happy meows to Dizzy. We're all hoping that Santa Paws might bring something nice to make her purr again. (like a note from The Boy telling her she is still his baby...)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Oh man, the Boy got a job today - he starts next Monday. And he told me he was going to save up and move to his own place.
But - this time he says he's going to take ME! The Male Lesser Species told him that we have to take Sally if the Boy is going to take me. I guess that's ok, she IS my adopted sis.
At least we have a few more months here, and he won't be driving me too far - I really don't like the car - I get sick, very sick.
Well, we'll see what happens now!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

From Sally

Well, it took the Female Lesser Species long enough to get the hint!
We were just getting into the Cat Blogosphere, and loving meeting all of you - and then she TAKES THE LAPTOP AWAY FROM US!!!
She says something about taking a class in something called digi-scrapping (what-ever!), and she's been doing "layouts" like crazy - and not letting any of us (not even the Slobbery Hound Things) on to the computer to even say hello!
So, I did something I normally don't do - I actually got up in her LAP. Yes, me - the Queen of Disinterest - got up on her LAP right next to her laptop and let her skritch me for a long time! (well, yes, THAT wasn't so bad!) So tonight, she FINALLY got the hint, and let me get back on and say hi to everyone! But, being the selfish pig-head the Female Lesser Species said I could only get on for a few minutes. What's up with that? I DESERVE time on the laptop - I LET her give me skritches! Doesn't that count for something?

Monday, August 18, 2008


You would think the Female Lesser Species would get it - when she gets up in the morning, and sits on the Porcelain Litter Box, I expect to get skritches. She's not doing anything important. So, I need attention.
I try to tell her that - I tell her at the top of my lungs, and she yells at me that it's too early in the morning.
All I want is some skritches and then I'd be fine.
Stupid Lesser Species.